Newsletter  Vol 14, No 4    April 2005

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As an
The Exodus
Hope is Not Lost

By Daniel Juster

One of the joys of living in Israel is getting to know the Messianic leaders here, but especially those in the Jerusalem area. We have found leaders who have been through the fire, people of grit, and people of integrity. I believe the Lord has brought me to Israel for several purposes. First, to support the new Discipleship Training Program, REVIVE ISRAEL, under the leadership of Asher Intrater. Second, to be available to help Eitan Shishkoff, especially with leadership training. The third is to build relationships with those whose values resonate with ours. Lastly, we are available to travel from Jerusalem to wherever the Spirit leads, mostly on this side of the ocean.

Accountability in Israel

One leading prophet spoke about the effectiveness of the Body of the Messiah in Israel and Jerusalem as limited due to an orientation of independence. To a degree, Israel reflects the independent congregational models that have recently grown up in the West. This is a fragmented or fractured type of Christianity. Though new to the Israeli Messianic scene, I would like to encourage and believe for closer inter-congregational relationships. Mutual accountability and organic connectedness can bring spiritual breakthroughs that will change Israel. This is the model lived out by the apostles, who began in one congregation in Jerusalem. From this grew the worldwide movement for Yeshua. Thankfully, there have been several years of leaders praying together, both nationally and in Jerusalem. It is an important beginning. Genuine covenant accountability can only arise where there is secure trust, a lack of competitiveness and a hunger for shared ministry among leaders.

A Proposal for Integrity
Biblical Accountability
Independence and Unity
Fostering Covenant Relationships

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