Newsletter  Vol 15, No 4    April 2006

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Recently, we were deeply pained to see the image of a young woman reporter, from the Christian Science Monitor, threatened with execution if all Iraqi women prisoners were not released. We were puzzled as well. How could these terrorists threaten an innocent woman? Possibly this woman was even against the U. S. led invasion and occupation of Iraq. Amazingly, anti-war Amazingly, anti-war Americans have been executed by Muslim Arab terrorists. "These are innocent individuals," we cry. We are shocked by terrorist behavior.

The Cartoon Protests and Riots

We have also seen riots in many Muslim countries over the publication in Denmark and then in other European countries, of cartoons depicting Mohammed and Islam in what were perceived to be an unflattering light. Most probably the cartoons were not slandering Mohammed, but were slamming the perception of Islam created by terrorist Muslims. A humorous but very sad cartoon appeared in the International Herald Tribune. Angry crowds of Muslims gathered and shouted, "Kill infidels! Death to Danes! Off with their hands! Off with their heads! Off with their hands and heads!" Finally, one man in the crowd said to a friend, "Watch, some cartoonist will twist this around to make us look bad." They indeed look very bad to most in the West, to most who are not Muslims, and even to some who are Muslims. Many have indeed died over this controversy. It is not the one who published the cartoon who is guilty, but all Danes, or all Europeans or all Christians (as in Nigeria). Freedom of press means nothing.

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