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Who Is He?
Strangers No More
The Holy Spirit,
The Gospel
And Jewish Tradition
Terrorist Attack
In Jerusalem

Dr Daniel Juster, Director

The almost certain nomination of Barack Obama by the Democratic Party as their candidate for the presidential election in November has elicited many responses, not least from Israel and the Jewish community. As of this writing, Senator Obama has a very good chance of becoming President of the United States. Some greet this prospect with alarm, but most Israelis are taking a "wait and see" attitude. There is great wariness.

The American Jewish community, generally a solid Democratic Party vote, is unusually divided. In addition, the 2000 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Senator Joseph Lieberman, is fully behind the Republican candidate, Senator John McCain, a former prisoner and hero of the Vietnam War. While there are great concerns over Senator Obama's stated policies on taxes, social spending, abortion rights, and judicial appointments, wary Jews, including Senator Lieberman, are not supporting John McCain because of these issues. Rather, they fear that Senator Obama does not understand Islamic Fascism and how to fight it. This is said to be the defining issue of our generation. They also fear that he will not be strong in his support for Israel. His statement that he would sit down without preconditions to talk with rogue leaders such as Achmadinejab of Iran and Assad of Syria has also caused great alarm. He has since backed away from this assertion.

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