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December 2008   Vol 17, No 12

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Controversy Over Rabbinic Tradition

A few months ago an intense controversy was ignited in the Messianic Jewish community here in Israel. An Israeli leader in the Messianic community who is supportive of Rabbinic Judaism, sent an invitation to fellow leaders to come together to discuss our relationship to Jewish rabbinic traditions. Another leader replied to all concerned, intensely rejecting the very idea of having any positive relationship to this tradition. Using Yeshua's terminology, he called it "the leaven of the Pharisees" and issued very strong warnings. Following these intensely divergent communications, a meeting of leaders was called to discuss this controversy. The discussion was very heated and many people talked passed each other. However, some progress was made.

Two primary factors feed into the very negative response to Rabbinic Judaism in Israel. One, the secular mentality of the majority of Israelis; they see the ultra Orthodox Jews as a parasitic movement in Israel. They regard the ultra Orthodox as anti-Zionist. They point out that many are supported by welfare and do not want to work for a living, instead spending their days studying in Yeshivas. The Orthodox settler movement is seen by many as hindering the peace process and increasingly militant in their demands and behavior. In contrast, Modern Orthodox Jews serve in the military, work and pay their taxes. Yet, the negativity from all this is quite great. Two, the influence from some strands of Christianity do not have a positive view of the Torah. Add to this that the religious Jews in the land oppose us, and you get a good picture of the situation.

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