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Light in
the Darkness
Close Encounters
of an
Israeli Kind
From Kibbutz
To Kehilah

Daniel C. Juster, Director

The ruthless assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was a terribly sad and tragic event. By all accounts, this lovely woman was intelligent and committed to bringing progress to Pakistan. She certainly was not a perfect leader and her critics have raised serious concerns about her last administration; however, she professed a desire to fight for democratic reform and to more effectively fight terrorism. Though she had many supporters in Pakistan, she was hated by those who are part of radical Islam. How could they accept a modern woman to lead Pakistan? Any ideas of democracy are abhorrent to them. Once again, we see a clear revelation of the nature of radical Islam. A woman with three children was cut down. Twenty-three by-standers were indiscriminately killed after the gunman blew himself up, having achieved his end of murdering the former Prime minister. All this was very painful to me. I hate to see evil gain its ends.

The Pakistan Dilemma

The dilemma for the United States, and those who want to fight Islamic radicals, is a seeming impossible one. We support a leader in Pakistan who only half heartedly fights the terrorists. His security organizations have been compromised with radical elements. The schools for the young, 'midrassas', are raising thousands of young extremists in the most horrendous indoctrination. Just two days after the assassination, CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper gave a tour of a 'midrassa'. There sat hundreds of young people chanting and studying the Koran all day. How vacant their faces appeared. If we support Musharef we get ineffective leadership in this fight. But who else is there? Pakistan has nuclear weapons and if it falls to the radicals, we are in grave danger. Yet, it seems that it is in danger of falling because the government will not take the steps to stop the growth of the radicals. Furthermore, the primary center of Al Qaeda is rumored to be in Pakistan.

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