Newsletter  Vol 14, No 1    January 2005

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Welcome to the January edition of the Israel's Restoration newsletter. Dr Dan Juster writes the lead article from Jerusalem to highlight the unparalled opportunities that exist for the gospel in the Land in these days. Physically, it is the rainy season, and our people throughout the Land are praying for rain and looking for the Kinneret to fill with life-giving water. As you read and, we hope enjoy and are challenged by, this month's articles, won't you pray for hearts to be opened to the gospel, for the vision of Revive Israel and the Discipleship Training Centre to be realised, and for the unity and relationships between individual pastors ministering in the Land.

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  Dan Juster: The View from Jerusalem
Writing from their home on the outskirts of Jerusalem, Dan describes the situation he sees the various strands of Judaism occupying and the openness of the people to the gospel as they are seeking real meaning to life in the contradictions of Israeli culture.
  Eitan Shishkoff: A New Season for Israeli Unity
Eitan takes the opportunity to answer the question: why aren't the Israeli Messianic leaders more unified. Follow along as he describes some of the background and the encouragement he has found in recent times.

  Moshe Morrison:These are the journeys of the Children of Israel ...
Moshe's series of vingettes from the congregation of Ohalei Rachamim continues with the story of Natasha: although the way may be long and not in the direction one might expect, with God there are no dead-end streets - He will always make a way.
  Asher Intrater - Yeshua's Ministry Pattern
Come with Asher as he describes the ministry pattern of Yeshua and the first disciples - the pattern that Revive Israel is committed to replicating through the Discipleship Training Centre and the lives of the leaders and individuals that they touch.
  News from Revive Israel - Couples Conference
Share a letter from a couple that came to a recent conference/retreat sponsored by the Revive Israel team, as they describe the vision of the conference and the way it impacted them as a couple and as parents of a young family.

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