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Recently I came into contact with some people that are connected to a very famous European church. One of these folks expressed distress that many of the young adults were living together out of wedlock, and others were having sexual relations without the commitment of marriage. Because they had attended my leadership seminar, their eyes were opened to the importance of enforcing discipline. Readers of this newsletter know that I am deeply concerned that Western congregations rarely enforce biblical standards.

I did some research on this church and found that the Pastor had actually written very powerfully on the importance of covenant marriage and the dangers of sexual relations before marriage. He correctly taught that all extra-marital sexual relationships were sin, and presented powerful reasons for limiting sexual relations to within marriage. He presented convincing empirical evidence of the consequences of pre-marital sexual relationships: negative effects after marriage, difficulties maintaining lasting commitments, the lingering pain of broken relationships, disease, the loss of trust and finally the loss of the joy that is especially reserved for those who wait. The most important reason to hold unswervingly to covenant marriage is of course, the commandment of God.

A Culture of Sexual Indulgence in a Church

Yet, how could it be that a culture of sexual indulgence has been established in the context of such fine teaching? The reason was brought out in another statement in one of this pastor's books. He basically stated that the Church was to teach the truth but "to accept all people who come at whatever stage they were in." That certainly should be true for those who are searching and do not profess to be followers of Yeshua. It is equally certain that it is not the measure for professing believers. The unfortunate reality in the conduct of this church community is that the culture of the young adults has undercut the application of the fine teaching of the pastor; the culture has become a stronger influence than his teaching!

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