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Two Cases,
Not To Be
An African Israeli
In Kenya
The Challenge
of Heaven


By Daniel C. Juster, Director

A Messianic Jewish leader's wife came up to me in tears. A major Christian Zionist prayer event had just concluded in Jerusalem. Why was she crying? Shouldn't we all be rejoicing that this event had taken place, an event where Christians from around the world, including some who were internationally known leaders, prayed together and took a stand for Israel? The reason for the tears? Messianic Jews were not part of the program. Only Christians and Jews who were not followers of Yeshua were included. The sense of rejection, of being relegated to "the back of the bus," was very wounding to this dear sister.

The Meaning of Classical Rooting

In the history of the Church and Synagogue, meaningful traditions and reverent modes of worship have developed which powerfully draw us into the most important truths of our faith. It is amazing how parallel the classical Church and the Synagogue are in their basic worship expression. Scholars see this pattern as the influence of the Synagogue on the early Church.

Why Messianic Jews are Offended

Many Messianic Jews are offended at the Christian Zionist leaders and organizations. They show support for Israel and world Jewry while at the same time distancing themselves to varying degrees from the Messianic Jews. I have argued in the past that this distancing is not necessary and that the Jewish community, which needs Christian support, will back down from requiring this separation. However, this is not certain. Jewish religious leaders who partner with Christian Zionists are sometimes under terrible pressure from other Orthodox leaders in Israel. Some claim that these Jews are compromising with idolaters. Others claim that Christian Zionists are not seeking only to support Israel, but that their efforts are a ruse to soften Jewish hearts for an eventual evangelistic thrust. (This of course is not their intent.) Yet, at the same time, Messianic Jews, who are brothers and sisters in Yeshua, find it quite strange that they are not the first priority for support from their fellow believers among Christian Zionists ...

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