Newsletter  Vol 13, No 7    July 2004

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Here is the July issue of Israel's Restoration - the monthly Newsletter of the Tikkun Emissaries working in Israel. Remember that you can join in the debate on some of these important issues - if you are moved or provoked by something in one of the articles, just click the link at the bottom and send your comment off to the Editor for inclusion on the website.

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As well as the lead article by Dan Juster, speaking about the Apostolic vision for Messianic Judiasm, Eitan Shishkoff brings us an electric report from his recent ministry time in Brazil. Asher Intrater has two articles this month, while Moshe Morrison shares a testimony of another believer in the Land.

  Dan Juster: Obedience to the Vision from Heaven
Just what is the vision for Messianic Judaism - and are we on track ?
  Eitan Shishkoff: Weeping Priests and Dry Bones
When will the latter rain fall on the dry bones ? When the priests recognise their role and weep before God.
  Moshe Morrison: But Raphael shall be your Name
This article is no longer on-line
  Asher Intrater: Jerusalem Descending and the Kingdom Coming
Asher connects the book of Revelation and the Lord's Prayer to teach us about the hope of Abraham and the way the end comes closer.
  Asher Intrater: D-Day and Prayer for France
In these days, Asher sounds a word in season for the French Republic and those who pray for her.

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