Newsletter  Vol 13, No 6    June 2004

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Welcome to the second of the new e-mail format Newsletters produced by Tikkun. In this e-mail you will find links to all of the articles that you will see in the printed newsletter - they have a slightly different format to accommodate the Internet, but contain exactly the same material. The online articles also allow you to comment on the articles and share in the debate. Several people have joined in the debate from last month's articles and we'd like to hear your opinions as well.

We would like as many of you as possible to switch to this e-mail format if it would be convenient for you to receive the newsletter in this way. It will save the Tikkun ministries that produce, print and post the newsletter a lot of time and money. I'm sure you would agree that would be good stewardship. However, we understand that some of you don't use the Internet at all, don't like reading newsletters online, can't do personal e-mail on your work e-mail address, or need a paper copy of the newsletter to pass around to all your friends and colleagues. If that is you, then don't worry: The paper copy will still continue to be available in the same way as usual.

Four out of the five articles in this month's issue are focussed around the recent passing of Gamliel Asher, a warrior of God in Eretz Yisrael. His life and ministry have clearly had a marked impact upon the people and congregations in the Land, so read them carefully and sense in your spirits what G-d is saying and doing in these days.

  Dan Juster: When Visions Come Together
Catch the prophetic vision of Dan's report from the recently held Kansas City Israel Mandate Conference!
  Eitan Shishkoff: Gamliel Asher: A Lion's Heart
Also movingly related in person at the Tikkun Advance, Eitan shares his personal testimony and eulogy for Gamliel.
  Gamliel Asher: The Reality of the Unseen
Preached only nine days before he passed, this is Gamliel Asher's last sermon, given through the intense pain of his terminal cancer.
  Moshe Morrison: From Job to James to Gamliel
Trying to make sense of Gamliel's passing, Moshe shares a critical insight into why our expectations are not always what God chooses to do.
  Asher Intrater: An Open Letter ...
Asher shares his heart to those who prayed against Israel Prime Minister Sharon's Disengagement plan.

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