Newsletter  Vol 14, No 3    March 2005

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Best Wave
of the

  Spirit and Discipleship
| Dr Daniel Juster, Director |

Do some of you remember those times during the move of the Spirit when we could not leave the meetings? God's presence was so thick, palpable, and wonderful. How could we leave? The unbelievers were coming in large numbers because they heard about the reality of God in our midst! It was truly the most seeker-friendly time I have ever seen. It was seeker-friendly in God's way.

The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience, an article by Ronald J. Sider, documents an alarmingly different reality among believers in the U.S.A than what I have just recalled. (Much greater hope and encouragement is found in the second and third world!) We will not repeat the statistics in detail, but only say that the great majority of professing believers do not know the content of the Bible, nor are they able to well live out the teaching of the Bible. As a case in point, consider that the incidence of immorality and divorce in the Church, fully parallels those found in the nation at large. In addition, there is a lack in understanding the biblical world view on its basic teachings of doctrine, absolute truth and ethics.

An Astonishing Repudiation
The Crying Need for Discipleship
Discipleship is a Work of the Spirit
Becoming Involved in Discipleship

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