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March 2011 Vol 20, No 3
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  Daniel Juster: "As I have observed our Messianic Jewish Community for almost 39 years, I have come to the conclusion that the joining of anointing with integration is sadly the exception and not the rule ... The New Covenant Scriptures constantly show that Jewish evangelism (and, I would add, any evangelism to other people) takes place only when there is anointing with integration."
  Eitan Shishkoff: "The Messianic Israeli youth of today are poised to change the nation. Many of them also began in the Diaspora. They bring zeal and idealism to the dream of a ressurected indigenous community of Yeshua's Israeli Disciples. Like the Zionist youth early in the 20th century, they are charged by history with the task of pioneering a movement at the outset of the 21st century."
  Moshe Morrison: "When the home town of Jewish Hobbits, Jerushirelem, was invaded by the Babylonians, Baruch and his wife were killed, but their little girl Esther Bagginstein was spared and went into exile, watched over by her cousin Mordechai Gandalfsky. Little did she know as they settled into their new home in Babylon that among the few items left to her by her parents was the golden Hamantaschen of power."
  Jonathan: "One of our goals is to reach native Israelis. Most of our leadership team is made up of native Israelis and it appears that is helping draw others hungry for strengthening their foundations in the Lord."
  Revive Israel: "The Shaar HaKerem program is intertwined with Revive Israel's daily schedule of worship, praise and intercession followed by an hour of Bible Study ... So come, walk a day with us and learn about our Discipleship Training program!"

All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicted, are taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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