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March 2012 Vol 21, No 3
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  Daniel Juster: Those who are not committed to the implementation of this text or who do not understand it, think that the embrace of five-fold ministry means that we think that there are apostles and prophets who can write inspired Scripture, or who become dictators over congregations. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  Eric Morey: Almost every believer in Israel knows the name Ken Crowell, but many don't know what the Lord did through this man. Many people abroad have not heard of Ken, so I want to honor this great man of God.
  Johannes Englehardt: Dima L., from Shavei Tsion spoke, "When I received the invitation to visit Germany, I didn't know why I should come to this country, but when I came here and I've seen that fire in you, how you pray for Israel and how important it is for you. When I saw this love, I understood that we are not alone in Israel."
  Asher Intrater: Esther is a beautiful model of today's "Bride of Christ". She is enjoying bridal intimacy of worship with the King. She has Jewish roots, but no one knows. Although she tries to avoid it, she gets caught up in the horrible tribulation concerning the Jews. She is challenged prophetically that her own destiny and her privilege of Bridal intimacy is primarily for the purpose of interceding for the salvation of Israel.

All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicted, are taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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