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March 2016 Vol 25, No 3
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  Cloudy Thoughts
Daniel Juster

We have produced generations of young people who no longer think in terms of good and evil ... It is even hard for people to fully embrace the Gospel, since that requires that they embrace God's objective truth.
  Exodus and Revelation
Daniel Juster

Revelation is very much like the book of Exodus. Israel is in the eye of the storm, and it ends with God's people entering into the Promised Land!
  A Noise in the Valley
Eric Morey

The candidates told us that the local believers have made a positive impression on the society here...
  Valley of Dry Bones?
Eric Morey

The Jordan Valley is a spiritually strategic place ...
  Digging Together

... the delicious bonus of how rainy mornings extended our time in the Word and worship by the fireplace.
Leon Mazin

Five years ago a bar opened next door to the congregation.
  Burning Altar on an Island
Eitan Shishkoff

... fused with the worship team, feeling that we are more alive spending hours in this pursuit than we would be in any other.
  Do I Have to Join a Congregation?
Asher Intrater

Their response to the gospel was a deep commitment to the Lord and His community on earth.
  Lion of Judah
Asher Intrater

The theme of the Jewish "Lion King" gives consistency to the entire biblical narrative.
  Ban Ki Moon and Terror
Eddie Santoro

Ban opened the recent Climate Conference in Paris with ... a solemn recital of cities where radical Islamists have murdered people, but with the glaring omission of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicted, are taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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