Newsletter  Vol 14, No 5    May 2005

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Tents of
Out of the

By Daniel Juster

Not long ago, on a very windy and dreary day, I took my car to the shop for normal service. It would take a whole morning. There was no waiting room. So I took my umbrella and book bag and walked to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. My plan was to study Hebrew and drink some coffee until the car was ready. On the way, the severe wind broke my umbrella. I arrived at the station wet and cold.

The Meaning of So Many Soldiers

It was a Sunday morning and the large station was filled with soldiers going back to their bases from weekend passes. They were tall and short, male and female, light skinned and dark. Wall to wall soldiers in every coffee shop and cafeteria. All carried their weapons, usually M-16's but other weapons as well. The Israel Defense Force is a large Army. Israel practices universal conscription. It has one of the most powerful armies in the world. I found a good seat at a coffee shop, ordered my cappuccino and sat down to study Hebrew.

It was then that I began to perceive an amazing, almost mystical impression, in looking at all these soldiers. It is hard to convey what I felt. A whole bus station filled with armed Israeli soldiers! What did it mean? I was struck with the sense of the supernatural. This reality is not of mere human accomplishment. Israel must defend herself in the midst of a sea of hostility. That she exists is a miracle, and that this powerful army exists is also a miracle. I reflect on my daughter, Simcha, also an armed soldier in this army. In America we ask if many guns cause greater loss or if such armament is protection. In Israel, there is no debate. The armed soldiers produce an amazing security. There is hardly ever an incident of a soldier hurting fellow Israelis with his weapon. They are well trained. I thought of the holocaust where six million of our people died. We were defenseless, but no more. I sat in awe!

The Army Itself is not Enough to Save Us
Conditions to Attain the Promise

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