Newsletter  Vol 15, No 5    May 2006

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Declare His Praise

Last month we wrote about Muslim tribalism. Muslim tribalism with the commitment of radical Islam to conquer the world has grown into a mighty, fearful and destructive world force. We noted the oppression of the individual and especially women in radical Islam.

Tribalism and the Individual in Ancient Israel

However, many have pointed out that the Bible presents us with a tribal orientation. Ancient Israel was a tribal society. I have noted in many writings that it is important to see life through the dimension of the corporate and not only the individual. We are called the Body of the Messiah and Yeshua is our head. The Spirit forms us into a covenant community with leadership described as a Body. We are part of one another (I Cor. 12-14). The New Covenant community is more than a collection of individuals. We must counter the radical individualism of many believers and the resulting fragmentation of the community. We seek to build lasting covenant community and to recognize and honor families and cultures.

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