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Who's coming to Dinner?
Prayer for Denmark

The World View Question
By Daniel Juster

We are presently living with two primary opponents to our Biblical faith. One is Islam and the other is Secular Relativism. I do not include other opponents like Hinduism or Communism in China because these other "isms" are not nearly as consistent in their opposition nor as effective. Indeed, the Chinese churches continue to expand rapidly. We are also finding very good expansion in India. Where Islam prevails, the Church is facing a much greater struggle. In cultures where Secular Relativism prevails, the struggle is also very great. Israel is a key to God's plan to break through for the Kingdom in these struggles.

The Spirit of Islam

Islam's beginnings and early history are so filled with the spirit of Anti-Messiah that it can not be reformed into a moderate religion. Islam's affirmations deny Biblical truth. It denies that Yeshua is the Son of God, that Isaac was offered by Abraham on the altar (they claim it was Ishmael), that Israel is a chosen nation and that the Bible is trustworthy. From its inception the sword was a primary instrument for spreading Islam. It is a religion whose first three hundred years were awash in blood. (It is the opposite with Christianity whose first 300 years were marked by Christians laying down their lives for their faith and never taking up the sword to defend or spread the faith.)

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