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May 2008   Vol 17, No 5

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From Generation
to Generation
Single Mom's
Ministry Returns
"A Place
Set Apart"

Daniel C. Juster, Director

An overdue and healthy conversation is now taking place in America concerning the effectiveness of the western churches in making disciples. Recently the debate intensified when Willow Creek Community Church Pastor, Bill Hybels admitted that his "seeker-friendly" congregation did not produce transformational change in the lives of its members. That is, the members were not discipled. Sociologist, George Barna, has extensively studied church members in America. His findings indicate that most professing Christians in America are hardly disciples in any significant sense. Sadly, I believe Barna has opted for a radical, anti-organized church orientation as a response. This will not be a solution, but will only make the situation worse. Barna does not have the answer to the problem.

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