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I had heard of George Orwell's "1984" for many years but did not get around to reading it until 1984. The coincidental date was motivation for me to read this great book. Orwell was famous for showing how totalitarian systems of government change the very meaning of language and enforce these new meanings to stay in power. This was common under Nazism, but Orwell wrote in the context of Communism.

A totalitarian system is one that seeks to control all important aspects of society from the top down including media, religion, economics, business and the arts. In Orwell's universe slavery was defined as freedom, and democracy was redefined as dictatorship. Big Brother made sure that historical information supported the rulers - it was simply rewritten to maintain their power. If circumstances required, history could be rewritten over and over. Older histories and all factual information were simply discarded in the memory hole where all such information was destroyed.

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