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Quiet Desperation or Passionate Involvement?
The True Roadmap To Peace
The Incredible Feasts of Israel

If you are a long time reader of "Israel's Restoration" you know that I often comment on a variety of themes. They include the salvation of Israel, the condition of the Church, Islam and the relativistic West, and the last days.

You may not realize, however, that I oversee a network of nearly 20 congregations in the U.S. and have input to our related networks in Israel. In that capacity I am pressed into reading and reflecting on the issue of successful congregations. Some of the most helpful books are business books by believers. Thom Rainer has recently written an important book on the subject entitled Breakout Churches. I was amazed at how the book captured the story of my leadership years at Beth Messiah Congregation in Maryland from 1978-2000 and to a lesser degree in Chicago from 1972-1978. The success we experienced can only be attributed to the grace of God.

"Breakout" congregations are not synonymous with mega congregations. One of the congregations identified as a "breakout" church grew to three hundred. Rainer and his team have chosen to study congregations that declined and then had a turn around. Some of these congregations were more than 80 years old, while others were only 25-40 years old. Some were independent and some within denominations. The fact that older churches have experienced a breakout sort of renewal should greatly encourage leaders of old historic congregations.

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