Newsletter  Vol 14, No 10    October 2005

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President, Pope and Prime Minister

Documented healings, creative miracles and resurrections from the dead. Such is the description of what is happening in Christianity in the Southern hemisphere in a new book entitled Mega Shift by James Rutz. I believe the book has important implications for both the Church and the Messianic Jewish movement. However, there is another book which gives a larger and more balanced context for the best information in the first named book. It is The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins. This last book hits the heights of scholarship and documentation and won a Gold Medallion Book award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

Documenting a Growing Supernaturalist Faith

Mega Shift describes a growing supernaturalist Christianity in many parts of the world. The documented healings, resurrections, supernatural signs and more are astonishing, and yet according to Rutz, very common in some parts of the world. Rutz claims that the kind of happenings found in the pages of the New Covenant Scriptures are taking place through a new type of church that will soon become, in his view, majority Christianity. What are the characteristics of this new Christianity? It is rooted in house congregations led by passionate leaders with radically committed members. These leaders may have little formal training, but they believe the Bible as it is read in the translations of their native languages. Many are linked in five fold networks with apostolic leadership. The leaders often start such groups because they believe they are called by God to do so. This Christianity is growing by leaps and bounds and will supplant more traditional forms of Christianity and denominational life.

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