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Tikkun International Board

Dan & Patty Juster
Dr. Daniel and Patty Juster, founders and directors of Tikkun International, have been involved in the Messianic Jewish movement since 1972 and currently reside in Jerusalem, Israel, from where they serve and support the Messianic movement worldwide. Dan was the founding president and general secretary of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations for 9 years, the senior pastor of Beth Messiah congregation for 22 years, and a co-founder of the Messiah Bible Institute in several nations. Dr. Juster serves on the board of Towards Jerusalem Council II, participates with Road to Jerusalem, provides oversight to 15 congregations in the USA as well as overseeing emissaries in Israel and the Former Soviet Union.

Asher & Betty Intrater
Asher Intrater, one of the founders of Tikkun International, relocated to Israel with his family in 1992. Asher and his wife, Betty, are the directors of Revive Israel Ministries. They have planted a congregation in Jerusalem, Ahavat Yeshua (Love of Yeshua), as well as a Discipleship Training Center outside Jerusalem. Their current ministry priority is to raise up young Israeli believers into ministry through congregational life, daily prayer and praise watches, discipleship training and personal evangelism to native Israelis. Revive Israel also supports and encourages a wide range of local ministries serving in Israel.

Eitan & Connie Shishkoff
Eitan & Connie Shishkoff moved to Israel in 1992 with their family. Eitan's vision was to create an oasis of spiritual and practical assistance for immigrants and native-born Israelis. The small home group, which began in 1995, grew to become Tents of Mercy's network of ministries. The founding congregation, Tents of Mercy (Ohalei Rachamim), is located in the north of Israel and oversees four daughter congregations and an extensive humanitarian work.

Don & Martha Finto
Don Finto and his wife Martha Ann pastored Belmont Church in Nashville, TN for over 25 years. Don is the director of The Caleb Company, wanting to challenge older people to keep taking their mountains and to release the next generation. He is a member of Towards Jerusalem Council II, is very involved in Jewish ministry and in challenging the church in their relationship with Jewish believers. He has authored two books on the subject: Your People Shall be My People and God's Promises and the Future of Israel.

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