Although the Israeli winter is not that long and not that cold, it is magical nonetheless to watch nature slowly clothe herself once again with fresh blossoms, bright leaves and new growth. Every spring as nature comes back to life, we watch the almond trees, the colorful poppies and the vast array of protected wildflowers that our children are taught so diligently not to pick. This season of nature's resurrection is the time we celebrate the coming out of Egypt - the movement from a state of slavery to a state of freedom - and the journey towards possessing our inheritance in the land.
Immediately after Passover, a string of national memorial days (Holocaust Remembrance Day & Memorial Day for fallen soldiers) leads up to the joyous Yom Ha-Atzmaut (Indepedence Day). This weaving of ancient and modern redemption is a significant and moving time for the whole country; how much more for us who have also found eternal redemption through the Messiah Yeshua. The theme of provision boldly weaves its way through these spring feasts. Thus, inspired by the Divine Provider, it is our great privilege to emulate Him and extend some earthly blessings to the poor and needy around us.
This past month we were able to help 500 needy families by providing them with a package of Passover goods, containing both basic and holiday items. It was beautiful to see the young and old members of our community coming to lend a hand in preparing the boxes of goods. The packages were then distributed to the needy families in our city who are referred to us from the local welfare offices. Those who came included single-mothers, new immigrants and Holocaust survivors, as well as native Sabra families who struggle to make ends meet. We pray that what little we are able to give will be multiplied and will be far out-weighed by the witness of kindness and love they we show them.
Together with your help and partnership we were able to touch lives and bring a scent of redemption and new beginnings, both in the physical and the spiritual.

By Avi Tekle

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