Baruch Haba 2017
by Eitan Shishkoff, Executive Director, Tents of Mercy Network

Praying for Jewish and Arab pastors in Akko Andre our guide with mustard seeds With congregational leader Avishalom

Hearing that I chose to accompany a ten day, two bus, ninety person, ten nation intercessory tour 24/7, several of my Israeli Messianic leadership colleagues cautioned me against over-exertion. But, honestly, I had a blast. We laughed, learned, prayed and praised our way from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee and from Yeshua's Mount of Beatitudes to the desert of the Patriarchs.

Most memorable were our encounters with indigenous Israeli Messianic congregations and the apostolic team served by Asher Intrater. On the ancient walls of Akko, we prayed passionately for pastors Guy and Hani - a Jew and an Arab both serving in that city (see photo). Then, in Yeshua's boyhood home, Nazareth, we experienced the powerful presence of God amidst prophetic intercession for the pastoral couple there, Vakif and Tanya, and their growing congregation of Russian immigrant Israelis.

Please consider joining us on our next Baruch haBa tour.

*"Baruch haBa" means literally, "Blessed is he who comes," or in everyday jargon, "Welcome!"

Korean brothers above the Haifa Bay On the Sea of Galilee Dancing at Tents of Mercy
Overlooking the northern coast With Revive Israel staff members at Yad Hashmona Praying in Kiryat Yam
Down to the Megiddo Springs Interceding together Praying for the Nazareth
congregation pastoral couple

A spiritual hero of mine has gone on to his reward. Nearly 30 years ago, David Davis left a successful acting/teaching career in New York, and came to Haifa with his wife Karen. They began by reaching out to drug addicts, a ministry still bearing life-transforming fruit. He was a man of unflinching dedication to Yeshua who, by his loving example, inspired multitudes.

The Haifa night in 1991 when David announced the founding of Carmel Assembly, we were there. Later, his prophecy over us anticipated the ministry that became Tents of Mercy and sent us out with enthusiastic prayer to launch the congregation in December 1995.

David's confidence in the power of the Gospel to redeem ruined lives leaves an enduring legacy. Thank you, David! You gave your all and we are so enriched by the sacrificial way you lived your life for the Lord and for this nation.

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