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 "Apostle" in Original Context  August 2017  
 Entrusted - 4 Keys for Resisting Sexual Sin    
 Healing for Single Parent Families  February 2017  
 Hosting the Nations & New Record Numbers  October 2017  
 Interdependent End Time Generation  January 2015  
 Love for the Word  July 2016  
 Media Development at Revive Israel  June 2014   - with Liat
 Outreach to Muslims  April 2014   - with Youval
 Rediscovering the Original Ekklesia  October 2015  
 Six Things to Do When Under Spiritual Attack  May 2018  
 The Call Geneva  February 2013  
 What Millenials Actually Need  September 2016   - with Andrew Ben-Arii