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 A Contradiction?  January 2016  
 A Culture of Accountability and Responsibility  July 2013  
 A Culture of Respect  August 2005  
 A Culture of Respect II  September 2005  
 A Deeper Look at Atheism  March 2014  
 A Defining Moment  September 2017  
 A Historic Event  January 2007  
 A Land without a People & a People without a Land?  April 2014  
 A Nation of Extremes  September 2003  
 A New Holocaust  March 2007  
 A Palestinian State? Where Does Israel Stand?  March 2017  
 A View from Jerusalem  January 2005  
 Abandoning Israel  November 2004  
 Accomodating Evangelicals  January 2011  
 An Unparalleled Opportunity  January 2011  
 Anointing & Integration  March 2011  
 Anti Christian Zionism  June 2010  
 Apartheid  November 2007  
 Approaching Rabbinic Tradition  December 2008  
 Approaching the Bible's Teaching on Healing  March 2017  
 Are Gay Rights Wrong?  August 2014  
 Are We Making Progress?  November 2017  
 Assimilating Jewish Christians  October 2009  
 Betrayal and Hypocrisy  February 2017  
 Biblical Inerrancy  April 2018  
 Biblical Liberation and Tribalism  May 2006  
 Building a Discipling Community  January 2013  
 Building a Fence Around the Torah  December 2007  
 Calendar Confusion  March 2009  
 Calling and Maturity  November 2016  
 Choosing Community & Leadership  June 2014  
 Cloudy Thoughts  March 2016  
 Covenant Love and Covenant Commitments  April 2012  
 Cup of Staggering  April 2015  
 Dangerous Road Ahead!  May 2015  
 Delicious Diversity  January 2015  
 Desparately Seeking  April 2016  
 Did God Command Genocide?  July 2012  
 Discipleship: Embracing The Most Foundational Commandments  September 2008  
 Discipline: The Proof of Love  January 2009  
 Do Jewish People Need Jesus ?  February 2004  
 Do We Want the Jews to Disappear ?  January 2006  
 Dry Bones and Israel's Restoration  July/August 2006  
 End the Occupation  July 2017  
 Enforcing Standards  January 2008  
 Evangelism and Envisioning Revival  May 2017  
 Exodus & Revelation  March 2016  
 Fail Britannia  October 2012  
 Five Fold Ministry: Why Do We Care?  March 2012  
 Four Principles of Biblical Success  June 2006  
 Forty Years of Marriage  July 2011  
 Gilder & Goldstone  March 2010  
 Global Shift  October 2005  
 Grieving Over the Condition of the World  October 2013  
 Have We Lost Something in Our Worship?  September 2016  
 Head or Heart?  February 2016  
 Honoring the Son  September 2004  
 How Can We Agree on the Place of Israel?  November 2005  
 Human Rights and the Canary in the Coal Mine  February 2012  
 I am not a Non-Jew  December 2005  
 I Can't Make it On My Own  December 2003  
 If the Lord your God Enlarges your Territory  January 2004  
 Immersion in the Holy Spirit  January 2012  
 In the Cross of Messiah I Glory  September 2006  
 In Violation of International Law  February 2006  
 Independent or Accountable Network?  November 2012  
 Indoctrination vs Discipleship  October 2014  
 Irrevocable?  July 2016  
 Is Anybody Out There?  September 2015  
 Is Israel a Vestige of Colonialism?  June 2015  
 Islam, Violent Jihad and Israel  December 2010  
 Islamic Extremism and the Ant-Christ  November 2014  
 Israel and Senator Barack Obama  August 2008  
 Israel and the Nations: The Key to Understanding the Bible  September 2012  
 Israel, Occupation & International Law  January 2014  
 Is the Church Pagan ?  March 2004  
 Is the Messianic Movement Merely Pentecostalism in Jewish Garb?  July 2014  
 Jerusalem, the Stumbling Stone  October 2006  
 Jewish Suffering  December 2017  
 Jews in Christian Churches  July 2005  
 Judeo-Christian Values  July 2007  
 Justice vs Love  June 2016  
 Leadership Accountability  April 2005  
 Lesbian in a Man's Body  January 2017  
 Let us Go with You  July 2003  
 Loyalty And Lasting Relationships  June 2007  
 Messianic Jewish Identification  February 2005  
 Messianic Jewish Identity in Israel, the Dangerous Deficit  December 2012  
 Mina Fenton's Worst Nightmare  August 2007  
 Muslim Tribalism and Biblical Liberation  April 2006  
 Mutual Blessing  February 2014  
 My Quest for a Miracle  June 2018  
 Negotiating With Terrorists  July 2008  
 Obedience to the Vision from Heaven  July 2004  
 Offended By Christian Zionists  January 2010  
 Palestinian Freedom & Justice: A Messianic Perspective  May 2012  
 Passion for Israel  August 2012  
 Praying for Social Justice in Israel  February 2013  
 Preach Good News to the Poor  April 2013  
 President Trump and the View of Israelis  January 2018  
 Profound Ambivalence  February 2010  
 Prosperity - What the Bible Really Says  October 2016  
 Pushing Faith into the Margins  December 2015  
 Reader Responses to "Building a Discipling Community"  June 2013  
 Real Miracles  July 2015  
 Recovering Male Spirituality  September 2013  
 Rediscovering The Roots That Remain  November 2009  
 Refusing to Love the Truth  June 2017  
 Re-Interpreting Scripture  September 2007  
 Reining in the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel  October 2017  
 Religious Coercion and Liberty of Conscience  February 2011  
 Rescue Those Being Led Away to Death  December 2014  
 Restoring The Judicial Funtion To The Body  April 2010  
 Retiring The Religious Spirit  June 2012  
 Revolution In The Arab World  April 2011  
 Rights and Righteousness  August 2015  
 Role Models  April 2009  
 Rooted Spiritual Life  December 2009  
 Shrunken Cloth  February 2009  
 Sign of the Kingdom Coming  March 2015  
 So You've Left?  March 2013  
 Spiritual Power & Cultural Sensitivity  September 2010  
 Summer in Israel  November 2003  
 Supernatural Moves & Theological Stability  August 2017  
 Tel Aviv, Gay Rights and the Boy Scouts  May 2013  
 Terrorism and the NSA Controversy  May 2014  
 The Afterlife  October 2007  
 The Agreement  October 2015  
 The Anti-Tradition Charismatics  February 2018  
 The Battle for Language  May 2018  
 The Biblical Origin of Human Rights  August 2013  
 The Cave and The Shadows  December 2006  
 The Church's Response to Israel's Judgement  October 2008  
 The Content Of Our Worship  May 2011  
 The Corruption of Usury  November 2008  
 The Cowardly Are Damned  August 2010  
 The Craze for Ancerstyi Information  March 2018  
 The Danger of Jewish Roots Movements  September 2014  
 The Diaspora and the Future of Jewry  December 2013  
 The Dilemma of Liberalizing Theology  July 2009  
 The Family Foundation  September 2009  
 The Greatest Danger to Israel  August 2009  
 The Great Housing Protests  October 2011  
 The Growing Anti-Israel Movement  November 2015  
 The Israel Anomaly  May 2016  
 The Israeli Army and the Bus Station  May 2005  
 The Kansas City Israel Mandate Conference  June 2004  
 The Kingdom Surprise  April 2007  
 The Messianic Jewish Movement's Past Launch & Future Success  April 2017  
 The Messianic Jewish Witness to the Nations (with Ron Cantor)  May 2010  
 The Necessity of Infrastructure  December 2011  
 The News Media  June 2009  
 The One State Solution  February 2015  
 The Orwellian Left  May 2009  
 The Palestinian Scheme  June 2011  
 The Passion from Gibson - the Real Issue  May 2004  
 The Purpose of the United States  November 2011  
 The Quest for Jewish Authenticity  March 2006  
 The Recovery of the Jewish Gospel  October 2004  
 The Replacement Theology Challenge Today  April 2008  
 The Spirit and Discipleship  March 2005  
 The Tragic Death Of Benazir Bhutto  February 2008  
 The World Needs Love  September 2011  
 The World View Question  May 2007  
 There Is No Fear In Love  October 2010  
 Touch Not God's Anointed  November 2013  
 Universalism, Hell and Immanuel Kant  August 2011  
 What About All Those Other Religions ?  June 2005  
 What Does God Like?  June 2008  
 What Makes Great Congregations?  November 2010  
 When Life Tumbles in ... What Then?  August 2016  
 Who Am I ?  December 2004  
 Who Can We Trust To Teach Us?  March 2008  
 Why Is Discipleship So Difficult?  May 2008  
 Why Liberals Have Turned Against Israel  July 2010  
 Zionism and Justice  February 2007