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  "A Place Set Apart"  May 2008
  Are We A Kingdom Divided Against Itself?  July 2008
  A Voice Calls Out of in the Wilderness  March 2005
  Close Encounters Of An Israeli Kind  February 2008
  Fall 2006 Discipleship Report  January 2007
  From Assyria to Egypt  June 2007
  Glory, Mercy and the Womb  August 2017
  "He Expected It To Bring Forth Good Grapes"  June 2009
  New Israeli Messianic Scouting Program  September 2008
  Polish Christian Leaders Visit Israel  April 2009
  Revive Israel Quarterly Ministry Update - Winter/Spring 2006  June 2006
  Samuel Responds  November 2005
  Sudanese Refugees in Israel  September 2007
  The Blood Cries Out  May 2006
  The Desert Shall Blossom  July 2005
  The Practice of Honor  June 2017
  To Fill the Hole Inside of Us  November 2004
  Train Up Your Children  July 2007
  Training the Next Generation to Take The Land  June 2005
  Travel Log from Asia Trip  April 2006
  Vive La France - Let France Live  September 2005