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 120 Israeli Youth to Change the World  February 2006  
 60/60 Vision  April 2008  
 A Burning Altar on an Island  March 2016  
 A Defining Moment  October 2007  
 A Door of Faith  April 2005  
 A New Season for Israeli Unity  January 2005  
 A Passover Discovery  April 2014  
 A Trail to Follow  March 2017  
 A Tribute To A Spiritual Father  November 2009  
 Acts Chapters 16 & 17 in Full Technicolor  November 2015  
 Ancient Synagogue Hosts Bar Mitzvah  November 2016  
 Annual Passover Distribution at Tents of Mercy  May 2011  
 Asher's Harvest  June 2005  
 Asia: A Magnet for Messiah  October 2013  
 Availability  July 2014  
 Awakening  April 2011  
 Baruch HaBa 2017  June 2017  
 Baruch HaBa The Messiah Approaches  April 2012  
 Baruch HaBa We Welcome You  February 2013  
 Best Wave of the Day  March 2005  
 Breaking Through the Walls  October 2004  
 Breathe & Believe  April 2016  
 Caring for Immigrant Families in Crisis  October 2003  
 Calling On The Lord Together In Zion  May 2011  
 Closer than a Brother  September 2016  
 Come out of the Cave  October 2009  
 Desert Trek  June 2003  
 Dirt Roads and Tender Hearts  December 2012  
 En Español!  January 2016  
 Esther's Call  September 2006  
 Ex-Muslims Proclaim Yeshua in Israel  August 2012  
 Experience Israel With Us!  August 2014  
 "Face to Face" in the Desert  May 2009  
 Fanning the Flame ... or Just Getting By?  August 2017  
 Fathers to Sons: A Relay Race  October 2017  
 Fields of Hope  April 2006  
 Film Makes Waves  February 2012  
 Fire On The Mountain  July 2007  
 "Follow Me"  January 2018  
 Forever Young  April 2018  
 Four Questions  June 2012  
 Friendship is Forever  September 2009  
 From Generation to Generation  February 2016  
 From 1948 to 2018: What's the Big Deal?  June 2018  
 Gamliel Asher - A Lion's Heart  June 2004  
 Gentile Kings & Jewish Prophets  January 2007  
 God's Mystery Thriller  December 2009  
 Graduation Ceremony  June 2010  
 He who Falls will Stand  August 2004  
 His Mercy Endures Forever  August 2011  
 How Does Yeshua Feel About Israel?  January 2018  
 How to Get a Double Portion  August 2014  
 I learned about God from Atheists  December 2005  
 I will send You  May 2004  
 Israel on Yom Kippur  November 2005  
 If You Will It, It is No Fable  January 2013  
 Intimacy & the End Times  July 2015  
 Let There Be Light  December 2011  
 Liberty for the Captives  May 2016  
 Life Rising out of Death  March 2015  
 Marriage Keys Revealed in Names  July 2013  
 Meeting Moussa  May 2017  
 Messianic Children and Youth Take Refuge  September 2006  
 Metulah and Security  October 2011  
 Mutual Humility  August 2016  
 Never Give Up On Youth  August 2010  
 New Life in Nazareth  Apr 2017  
 Not Alone  February 2017  
 On Their Shoulders  March 2011  
 One Generation to Another  January 2017  
 Passing the Torch  September 2004  
 Passion  September 2003  
 Pioneers & Planters  June 2014  
 Quiet Desperation or Passionate Involvement?  November 2010  
 Recipe for Revival  May 2015  
 Reflections on the Akko Riots  November 2008  
 Renewed Idealism  July 2017  
 Returning and Rebuilding  December 2017  
 Sarah Urbach  October 2005  
 Shai, A Priceless Sacrifice  September 2014  
 Shavuot Harvest  July 2003  
 Shofar 2008  January 2008  
 Shifting Seasons  February 2018  
 Shofar Blowing Marks 20 Years  November 2014  
 Soldiers and Kibbutzniks: Heroes of the Golan  October 2008  
 Sowing into the Harvest  January 2015  
 Sound of the Shofar  November 2017  
 Spirit of Adoption  September 2008  
 Standing on Victor's Shoulders  February 2015  
 Sweet 15  January 2011  
 Take My Blessing, I have Enough  January 2015  
 Tea & Shabbat in Taiwan  October 2015  
 Teens Taste "Last Days"  September 2014  
 The Cloud is Moving  January 2006  
 The Day Gilad Came Home  November 2011  
 The Deep Sigh of Sukkot  September 2013  
 The End Is Near! So What?  March 2008  
 The Harvest  February 2007  
 The Harvest is Ripe  February 2010  
 The Hearts of the Fathers to the Children  May 2010  
 The Least of These  July 2011  
 The Most Famous Jew  August 2003  
 The Pleasure of Doing Good  October 2011  
 The Question ... Reflections on Mortality  January 2014  
 The Untold Story  October 2006  
 Teach Us To Number Our Days  June 2011  
 True Community + Emotional Health  August 2005  
 Undercover Rescue  February 2015  
 Unsung Heroes  June 2016  
 What About US?  November 2012  
 What is the Father's Heart?  December 2016  
 What is the One New Man?  August 2015  
 What to Expect in 2011  February 2011  
 "When There Is No Rain"  March 2009  
 Where the Oil Flows  July 2003  
 Who Is He?  August 2008  
 Weeping Priests & Dry Bones  July 2004  
 World Outreach Headquarters?  July 2016   - with Guy Cohen
 Wrestling With Tisha B'Av  July 2009  
 Yosi & Yom HaAtzma'ut  April 2010  
 Your Descendants Shall Inherit The Land  October 2010  
 Youth Break Through to God!  September 2015  
 You've Never Been This Way  June 2006