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 Akko - Contested Gateway City  January 2014  
 Children of Winter '73  October 2014  
 Depth of Soul, End of Days  October 2016  
 I.D.Entity  December 2017  
 Messages Written by Messiah  May 2018  
 No Greater Joy  July 2015  
 Obstacles on the Journey  February 2016  
 One in Yeshua  December 2015  
 See the God of Grace  May 2014  
 The Dream and the Tears  January 2015  
 The Feet of Other Disciples  April 2018  
 The Flow  April 2016  
 The Heart of a Giver  March 2018  
 The True Light  February 2018  
 Through the Veil  March 2015  
 To Dwell - The Promise and The Challenge  May 2014  
 World Outreach Headquarters?  July 2016   - with Eitan Shishkoff
 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!  August 2013