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  24 Years in the Making  September 2010
  70 Years of Prayer  October 2006
  A Door of Faith - Part 2  December 2005
  A New Life, A New Song  January 2006
  A Notable Soul  August 2009
  Alla's Journey  March 2006
  An End-Times Guide for the Perplexed  February 2012
  An Offering of Thanks  April 2009
  Answering the Call  April 2007
  A Tale of Two Pools  March 2007
  A Voice For Those Who Cannot Speak  July 2009
  Casting Our Net  March 2008
  Celebrating with Reverence and Joy  November 2012
  Champion of the Forgotten  February 2007
  Destined to Return  June 2010
  From Generation To Generation  May 2008
  From Shia To Yeshua  July 2007
  Gathering the Children Together  January 2013
  Gil HaZahav - The Golden Age of Promise  July/August 2006
  Haifa Theological Institute  March 2010
  Hand in Hand  November 2007
  Harvest of Asher  June 2008
  Hidden in Plain Sight  February 2013
  How Long?  December 2009
  "I Have Heard The Groaning And I Have Remembered"  April 2011
  I Have Installed My King  July 2012
  Launching The Ark  January 2008
  Lift Up Your Eyes  November 2006
  Light In The Darkness  February 2008
  Made For Each Other  August 2010
  Magnificent Ballet Magnificat  January 2009
  Marty's Story - A Jewish New-Ager from Montreal Finds Messiah  September 2017
  Music, Freedom & Destiny  December 2011
  One New Man Taking Shape  April 2012
  Passover at Table No. 6  June 2005
  Passover in Japan  May 2011
  Portrait of the Artist  February 2009
  Sasha - He Who Endures To The End  November 2009
  Raising The Banner For The Gentiles  June 2007
  Reaping A Harvest  December 2010
  Remembering Until Swords Are Beaten Into Plowshares  April 2010
  Stirrings of Harvest  August 2005
  The Immovible Stone  March 2009
  The True Roadmap To Peace  November 2010
  The Shofar Sounds  November 2005
  The Miracle that is Tolek  May 2006
  The Other Oasis Magazine  August 2007
  The Year of New Beginnings  December 2007
  Two Cases, Not To Be Dismissed  January 2010
  Under the Shadow of the Almighty  December 2006
  WATCHING, Working and Waiting  July 2011
  Welcomed to Napoli Bay Again  August 2011
  Welcoming Him Together  December 2013
  When Everything Changed  July 2010
  While Katyushas Fall  September 2006
  Who Is My Neighbor  January 2007
  Why Was This Night Different From Every Other Night?  May 2012
  Yes & Amen  October 2011
  Yom Kippur in Kilimanjaro  December 2008
  You Give Them Something To Eat  June 2009
  "You Will Never Walk Again!"  February 2011
  You Still Have Too Many Men  October 2012