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 Andrey  November 2006  
 Ancient Paths  May 2006  
 A Feast for All Nations  October 2016  
 A Quiet Proclamation  May 2009  
 A Tale of Two Buildings  September 2012  
 A Timely Shavuot  June 2011  
 Birth Pangs 60 Years In  April 2008  
 Brought From Afar  June 2007  
 By Bean Sprouts Shall No Flesh Be Justified  May 2007  
 Coming of Age  August 2016  
 Dedicated to What?  December 2014  
 Enduring Friendship  October 2010  
 From Job to James to Gamliel  June 2004  
 From Motorcycles to Mercy  November 2004  
 From Mud to Precious Stones  May 2010  
 God's Roadmap  August 2003  
 Growing Faith From Generation to Generation  March 2010  
 Hollywood and the End Times  December 2015  
 In the Desert  July 2017  
 It's Not the End of the World  September 2005  
 Jews Don't Believe In Jesus!  July 2010  
 Judah  March 2006  
 Living for His Glory  November 2005  
 Longing For Home  December 2010  
 Lord of the Hamantaschen  March 2011  
 Messy Situations  May 2004  
 Moshe's Messianic Musings  September 2009  
 My Grandfather's Clock  September 2004  
 Out of The Boundaries  July 2005  
 Paladin  February 2006  
 Perhaps Joseph Will Hate Us?  February 2005  
 Pigs Have Kosher Feet  June 2009  
 Power of Encouragement  July 2003  
 Pretzels for Passover  April 2005  
 Purim - Consequences & Opposition  March 2014  
 Revisiting My Childhood Synagogue  October 2015  
 Rachmiel: Grace to the Humble  August 2004  
 Say It Twice  January 2012  
 Single Mom's Minisry Returns  May 2008  
 Shavuot Promise  June 2003  
 Soul Food  September 2011  
 Sukkot & the Incarnation  October 2008  
 Sukkot - Yeshua's Birthday  October 2005  
 Synagogue Hopping  October 2007  
 "Tell Them I Just Stepped Out ..."  September 2008  
 The Chanukah Light that Illuminated the World  December 2012  
 The Great Passover Revival  April 2009  
 The Patience of God Prevails  August 2007  
 The Pushkie Project  November 2007  
 The Riddle  September 2010  
 The Shepherd & Shavuot  May 2012  
 Toward Freedom  May 2016  
 Trees Clap Their Hands  October 2014  
 What Was, Is: Passover Reflections  March 2007  
 Where Does God Live?  January 2016  
 Who Is The Servant Of The Lord?  July 2008  
 Yarden  August 2011  
 Ygal  February 2008