Zion's Glory Update
April 30 2018

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Dear Faithful Friend,

It's been three weeks since my surgery and I am feeling blessed! I have been home recovering and the outpouring of love and support we have received from all of you has been the best medicine ever! God has emphasized that in this season, we are to rest in him as our brothers and sisters take up the battle for us. With all of our hearts we believe that as we stand together, we will see his victory.

Last week we went to the oncologist and he showed us on the MRI scan following the surgery that a small piece of the tumor has remained in my brain. On Wednesday, we return to the doctor and he will recommend the next course of treatment. We know that no matter what treatment the doctor recommends, we need a supernatural miracle. We thank the Lord that he has given us a hope and a future and in him, we can't lose! Amen and Amen.

As we think about all that has happened to us in these last few years, we know that we can never fully understand all these events. I have sensed over the past several weeks, that though I can only understand in part, that this recent evil attack upon me is also something that declares my worth in God. Satan has chosen to attack me and as I look at this through Kingdom vision, it has helped me to appreciate who I am in God and how much he has used me and is continuing to use me to further his purposes in this day.

We stand on the truth that greater is he who is in us than he that is in the world. We find hope, strength and courage in God and in his word. And I, of course, will not be silenced but will continue to declare the works of the Lord. He is good. His word is true and the power of God is no match for the limited power of the enemy. Satan is determined to try and stop us, but if we abide in God's words and promises, we will overcome.

Ahavat Yeshua: Our Congregation

It has been difficult for us not to be able to participate in our congregational life at this time. We do stay in touch on a regular basis with both the leadership team and many members of our congregation as they call and come and visit. We are happy to report that the congregation is doing very well and we see that the investment of our life that we poured into so many is bearing wonderful fruit. The younger elders are leading the congregation with oversight by the three senior ones; Asher, Dan and myself. The meetings are going very well with most weeks over 200 attending - an amazing fact when we remember that God had us start this work 12 years ago with 15 people. Last week we had a unique combination of a traditional Bar Mitzvah followed by an hour of Holy Spirit prophetic worship! It had to be a first of its kind in Jerusalem in recent history!

Overflowing With His Life

There is a new and fresh anointing for evangelism among the members. Next week there is an inter-congregational prayer and worship meeting planned followed by a time of evangelism on the streets of Jerusalem. Please pray for the harvest. God wants all of us to step out and share his life with the lost. As the scripture declares; one plants, another waters but GOD BRINGS THE INCREASE. There can't be increase unless WE go and plant and water. God is waiting for us. As we step out in him, the harvest will come.

Lots of Babies

We are in a season of fruitfulness and this includes births. There have been many new babies recently and we rejoice as we see a new generation of believing children being born here in Israel. Our children's program currently has over forty children with lots more on the way.

I was honored last week by being asked to be the "sandag" for a "brit mila" (circumcision ceremony) for Jonathan and Simcha Moore's newest son. The "sandag" is the one who holds the child while the circumcision is being performed. We were grateful that we were able to be there and to share in the joy of the event.

The Weather

The recent weather has been very unusual. It is nearly May and we are still having days of heavy rain. This is great for the plants but has also been extremely challenging in the natural.

Last week we had hours of unusually heavy rains. We hadn't seen this kind of outpouring in many years. This time though, the blessing of the rain was marred by the deaths of 10 youths who were swept away by a flash flood while on a hike in the desert. This unexpected tragedy threw the whole nation into mourning. Please pray for these families that they would find comfort in their time of great need. Pray that God would somehow reveal his amazing presence and life in these families and that all would be drawn closer to Yeshua.

A Prophetic Moment

The whole nation is also gearing up with joy in its collective heart as preparations are being made for the historic dedication of the American Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14. This promises to truly be an incredible moment in the spirit as well as in the natural as Jerusalem is finally officially recognized as the capital of Israel by the USA. Pray that many other nations will follow this bold step.

These are indeed awesome times and there is an excitement in the spirit as we sense that things are going to burst forth suddenly in the days to come as God's Kingdom advances rapidly.

And as you pray for all these things, please remember to put a special focus on my battle with brain cancer. Together we will destroy all the works of the enemy and release the glory and love of our God.

We love you with all our heart and thank God for the gift you are in our life.

We send you our love from Zion,

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